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Over the decades, msp marketing agencies marketing has become this black hole of everything and anything. Really weird, off-the-wall ideas will work for one business, but they won’t for another. Extremely boring, used-up trends will become the hottest new thing, while exciting and innovative ones will fizzle out long before they even get started.Where we used to have just printed ads and maybe a few radio spots, we’ve now transitioned to a world where marketing refuses to settle down to one or two key areas. These days, we’re putting down and selling out for print, radio, TV, telemarketing, even more print, even more TV, search marketing, blogging, social media… you can actually view a rather lovely infographic of all of that right here, courtesy of Hubspot.But thanks to the evolution and overall weirdness of marketing, the general public has been introduced to some rather interesting ideas, activities, products, companies, and a whole lot of other… things. Like Poo-Pourri for one.This specific product goes without explaining but was made extremely successful partially due to a social media campaign. Their viral videos revolved around a woman… sitting on a toilet… talking about ‘toilet-esque’ things. The videos were so strange that people thought they were being pranked. But towards the end of the videos, when the woman sitting on the toilet actually says, “This isn’t a joke,” people were asking, “Well, where do we buy?”

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