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Netgear extenders aren’t only affordable but quite reliable gadgets, to extend the current internet range of the router. Depending on your place type and requirements you can always make a purchase decision, among various extender models. There are wall-plugged Netgear extenders, also their desktop-based extenders as well. Setting up these extenders is quite easy, no matter what sort of extender you have. You can either use the Netgear app to set up your extender or you can use the web-based Netgear installation assistant. To set up using the Netgear App, download the app on your smartphone and follow the on-screen instructions. To set up using the Netgear installation assistant, open on your browser and follow the on-screen instructions. Using the Netgear Installation Assistant and Netgear App both are easy to use. Just make sure that you follow the instructions thoroughly. In case, you face a problem setting up your extender using any of the methods, reach our support team for help.

Netgear Installation Assistant
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