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rang II

Welcome fellow nostalgia junkies!


This project is a labour of love. I wanted this gadget since I was a kid, unfortunately the few pieces scattered around the web were low-quality and nowhere near as beautiful or faithful to the original design.​


The intention was to just make one for my own collection, but the reaction after showing friends and posting progress in groups was really great... so I wanted to share!

​If it brings you the same joy and excitement as it does for me, you can pre-order one for yourself.

I analysed the screen material and working images, and re-made this from scratch - lightweight aluminium and plastic (so it feels legit!) clear perspex screen, and rubber/foam buttons. All the detail of the original.

Now taking pre-orders, for a limited run

Shipping Early 2023 - Dates TBC

Finish: Matte Black


Body - Light weight Aluminium / Delrin

Screen - Clear Perspex

Buttons - Foam/rubber

'What is that thing? A camera or something?' - Ice Princess


Limited run of 150 - Shipping Dec 2022


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Thanks for your order!

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